Are you a time-poor parent desperately wanting more me time?

DG Bootcamp will help you manage all your responsibilities, allowing you to focus on the other most important person in your life. You.

"Some of us wake up early before the Tsunami hits. Others complete everything in a day, but need to learn how to relax. Either way, we need a solution."

— Dana Griffith

The Checkup

Tackling the real reason why you don't have "Me Time". How to make it your No.1 priority, even with a never ending to do list.

A Winning Plan

Addressing the changes happening to you and your family with winning step by step strategies to help you cope.

The Promise

These tried and tested techniques can be applied to your life right now, making a difference to the bottom line. You!

About Us

After years as a corporate trainer I decided to apply time management strategies in my life when I had my two dearest girls within the space of 17 months. Over a period of two years, I tried every technique until I found the steps that worked for me and gradually I carved out enough free time to start a business. Now I want to share all my research and step by step techniques to help mothers who find it difficult juggling family, home, work and relationships. My aim is to create something that will actually have a real impact on your home life, which is why I need to know this is something you actually feel will benefit you personally.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, we love talking to customers!